HardwareOEM provides
Critical Metal Component Solutions
To the worldwide Quality Manufacturers.

Full-Service Precision Stamping

HARDWAREOEM’S full-service precision stamping evolved from our advanced compound and progressive
die design and manufacture with the view to more fully serve and satisfy our customers. from prototype
through production EMI/RFI thermal shielding,heatsinks, shields, covers, clips, brackets, and more.

Precision CNC machining parts

HARDWAREOEM is equipped for the most exacting production machining assignments. We can take the job from CAM to production, with wire EDM, 5-axis machining and CNC capability, working with hardened tool steels, stainless, aluminum, nonferrous metals and more..

Industrial Hardware

Metal/Aluminum Housing Distribution Boxes& FEEDER

Hardwareoem offers Distribution Boxes that custom configurations. provide a compact, durable solution for portable power distribution needs.

Electronics & Telecom Hardware
HardwareOEM is a leading supplier of cost-effective and functional solutions in bonding and grounding hardware for outside plant (OSP) applications.

Home Hardware
HARDWAREOEM manufactures home hardware components as kitchen peeler,Drinking Straw and OEM TV & Controller housing etc.

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